Dan Kelly

Too Extreme for Wisconsin

Wisconsin deserves a fair and impartial supreme court that upholds the law, not an extreme partisan agenda. Dan Kelly doesn’t agree.

Dan Kelly has spent his career protecting criminals and advocating for extreme right-wing views that strip rights away from Wisconsin and attack our democracy. When Kelly was on the bench before, he was exposed for a corrupt decision to hear a case after receiving $20,000 from the litigant and his family.

Dan Kelly’s too extreme and corrupt for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dan Kelly:

Extreme Anti-Abortion Views

Dan Kelly has spent years fighting against a woman’s freedom to make her own healthcare decisions.

He has been an outspoken critic of Roe v. Wade and embraced endorsements from right-wing groups fighting to keep Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban in place.

As an attorney, he even gave legal advice to anti-abortion groups seeking to strip rights away from Wisconsinites. 

Check the facts:

  • In a since-deleted blog post, Kelly wrote, “An abortion, of course, involves taking the life of a human being. And everyone involved in the subject knows it.” He added, abortion is “a policy deadly to children.” [Archived Link] Asked if these comments meant Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, Kelly said, “It certainly carries a suggestion.”

  • Kelly also proudly accepted endorsements for anti-abortion groups Wisconsin Right to Life, Family Action Wisconsin, and Pro-Life Wisconsin. In their endorsement, Wisconsin Right to Life stated, the group “endorses candidates who have pledged to champion pro-life values.”

  • Kelly even provided legal advice to Wisconsin Right to Life. In a 2016 letter of recommendation, the group’s executive director wrote, “Dan is someone who I have known professionally for many years and who has provided great counsel to Wisconsin Right to Life in legal matters…” [Heather Weininger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life, 2016]

Dan Kelly:

FOR SALE FOR $20,000

According to Dan Kelly, justice has a price tag – and his price tag is $20,000.

After recusing himself from hearing the Tim Zignego case, Zignego and his family donated $20,000 to Kelly’s campaign. What happened next? Kelly un-recused himself to rule on the case.

Instead of setting a strong ethical standard in the Zignego case, Dan Kelly chose to pursue his own special interest.

Wisconsinites expect their supreme court justices to be fair and impartial, not willing to corrupt themselves for the highest bidder.

Check the facts:

  • Dan Kelly was a member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court when Zignego v. Wisconsin Elections Commission was filed on 11/13/19. In December 2019, Kelly announced his recusal from judging the case. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/23/19]

  • After Dan Kelly’s recusal, campaign finance records show Zignego and his family contributed $20,000 to him. [Wisconsin Campaign Finance Records]

  • After pocketing money from the Zignengo’s, Dan Kelly notified attorneys in the case that he would un-recuse himself so he could judge the case. [Order, 4/15/20; Order, 4/29/20, Wisconsin Examiner, 4/29/20]

Dan Kelly:


Dan Kelly is willing to undermine our democracy in favor of his own extreme political agendas.

The bipartisan January 6th commission revealed Dan Kelly advised Trump operatives as special counsel, advising party leaders on the plot to submit fake electoral votes declaring Trump the winner of Wisconsins’ 2020 election.

This scheme culminated in the attack on the U.S. Capitol. And he didn’t stop there.

Dan Kelly went on an “election integrity” tour organized by MAGA Republicans following the insurrection, to further spread lies about the election and erode faith in our democracy.

Check the facts:

  • Dan Kelly was special counsel for the Republican Party of Wisconsin beginning in 2020. In this role, he was in the middle of the conversations in December 2020 with top Wisconsin Republicans over the fake elector scheme to overturn the will of the people and overthrow the election results. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/17/23]

  • Following the 2020 election, Kelly joined a “election integrity” tour sponsored by the Republican Party. The tour was promoted as round table discussions with the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Dan Kelly, and others to “learn more about the party’s efforts to ensure 2022 is the year of fair, open, and honest elections in Wisconsin.” [Associated Press, 6/15/22]
    • January 6th Commission Report Confirms Right-Wing Leaders Consulted with Dan Kelly:

      Dan Kelly:

      Defended Heinous Criminals

      Wisconsinites value public safety, but Dan Kelly has fought on the side of heinous criminals.

      As a lawyer, Kelly defended child sex predators who posed as ministers in order to prey on vulnerable young girls.

      They lured young children to locations they believe to be safe, only to sexually assault and molest them.

      Check the facts:

      • Kelly was listed as an attorney representing Kenneth Spaulding and his wife, Rhonda. Case Numbers 1997CF975794, 1998CF001131, 1998CF980358, 1998CF980149

      • Kenneth Spaulding was a “self-proclaimed pastor who staged ‘church’ services and sleepovers for children in his West Milwaukee home…” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/26/99]

      There’s a better choice. Vote Judge Janet Protasiewicz for a fair, impartial supreme court.

      • 25-year prosecutor fighting to uphold our laws and hold people accountable
      • Circuit court judge known for fairness and common sense
      • Believes in protecting our rights and upholding our democracy
      • Community leader committed to making Wisconsin better